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I am sick. I made it to my class this morning and tried really hard to focus, but it's difficult when you can't breathe and your nose is running like a tap. So I decided to miss my afternoon graphics class. I don't like the idea of missing a class but I talked to my teacher and I'm not going to get penalized or anything, I will just have to do extra work later on in the week to get my assignment finished. I already have the assignment, and am only missing a three hour lab where all we were going to do is work on it. So I think it's ok. It's the best class to miss, if I have to miss one. 

However, an excellent thing also happened. I've been waiting to get the money from the government to finish paying my school fees, and when I got home just now I checked my bank account and it is all there. So I can pay my fees tomorrow and stop worrying about it. 

And I got an A on my PR Writing assignment. 

So things are good. 

AND I got to go see Monster Trucks on Sunday:) It was awesome.

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